greenvitalis - polymer coated slow release turf fertiliser


Based on our long standing experience we have developed special polymer coated turf fertilisers, which are long-lasting and guarantee the appropriate feeding of turf at a very good price performance ratio.


Advantages of our polymer-coated slow-release turf fertilisers:


  • consistent release of nutrients for up to 16 weeks, depending on temperature and composition
  • plants get the nutrition they need, when they need it most
  • Even and appropriate feeding through 40 - 100 % long-term nitrogen or potassium
  • reduces Nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatilization and leaching



European Journal of Turfgrass Science 3/2009

Ammonia volatilization and N-efficiency of different turfgrass fertilizers in laboratory studies and pot trials in the open

(Wissemeier A.H., W. Weigelt and R. Haehndel):


" ....We tested different types of turfgrass fertilizers sold in various countries. In the laboratory experiments up to 80% of applied urea-N was lost.......

A complete polymer coating of urea granules ..........avoids these potential promblems......."